A Successful Image…Is Texture The Key?

I certainly am not an authority on the subject, but what I do know is that I am an artist as well an observer, with an instinct that responds to my senses, be they artistic or rudimentary. What I do know, is that I am drawn & thrive on visual beauty and am stirred by images and yes sometimes indifferent or even repelled, by what some might hail as beautiful….after all, it’s all in the eye of the beholder…right????

What I’d like to explore today, is what makes an image successful, label it ‘beautiful’, stirs us and draws us in to study it and explore it to satisfy our hungry sense of vision and emotion?

Revered artists in the world of fashion share a caliber or work, that all would agree has the coveted ‘WOW’ factor, resulting in the most captivating images, so successfully accomplished….

….so what is the formula to this? All artists strive to achieve the ultimate image and it isn’t by chance that we are all drawn to peers who appeal to our sense of inspiration in our journey of artistic expression.

It isn’t an easy answer and the well known saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, is very pertinent; what is beautiful to one person can rouse an indifferent or even distasteful response to another, but what is definite, is that we all have very instinctual responses.
So how can this be pinned down to a common answer? How can one person be so right and another so wrong?
How is it that individuals who can be so different in their tastes, come together and produce such a successful collaboration

In my experience so far, there is definitely, common factors; where there is a synergy of vision and energy….is when the magic happens!
So what do all these individual experts bring to the table that fits so well and creates magic?

Hunger to achieve
A drive to complement
To contribute an enriching element
Receptive to mould to the collaboration
To bestow upon the group, a dynamic portion of themselves

From my own observations, research and experience, I feel all of the latter are essential; but what really attracts the eye and stirs the emotions – and that is, after all, what we are all trying to achieve, is it not?
…could texture be the essential elixir ingredient to an image?…not just one texture, but a variant of textures that allow the eyes to feast upon the image that our receptors are so readily hungry to receive and jump from one to texture to another, exploring how one influences another?….creating curiosity, ergo enthusiasm and significance?….All I know, is that this, is what draws me and inspire’s me.

…..Or could this be just another piece of a chaotic puzzle that contributes to the synergistic efforts of a multi force of participants, that just happen to coincide at just the right occasion, resulting in what we aspire, altogether contrived or otherwise?

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